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La tecnologia è la chiave di volta dello sviluppo intermodale  



Giornate di confronto e condivisione alla Green Logistic di Padova. CIM SPA Interporto di Novara era presente presso il villaggio UIR dove la rete dei nodi INLAND si è ancora una volta confrontata sui temi dello sviluppo della logistica di magazzino, delll’efficientamento dei servizi terminalistici e dello shifting ferroviario. Interessanti i dibattiti sui piani di finanziamento del PNRR e sulle determiannze dei nodi inland Italiani rispetto ai traffici dei corrisoi europei TEN-T .

10 - 11st May 2022 -  FENIX GENERAL ASSEMBLY


The General Assembly of the FENIX project was held in Brussels on May 11, 2022, preceded by a day-long workshop in the presence of all the European pilots involved. All the evolutionary assessments of the project were expressed, and the ship was taken stock of the results so far of the various connectors developed to federate logistics platforms. The project, which has taken shape and concreteness in its final phase, now enters the testing phase of the components made available to the federation for data sharing and use.  Until the end of July, data will be collected from the various ligistics sites, aggregated and studied, modeled after specific KPIs for each pilot site.  Crosstec is involved on two fronts. The first, Italian (PS2IT - Port of Genoa) in collaboration with Corcle, and the second (DE CrossPilot) with German partners from TXLOGISTIC- TSYSTEM and PTV. The connector that federates the WOLF 4EU platform (spinoff of HUPAC's WOLF platform) is operational and communicates by providing services such as ETA, TIME TABLE, Terminal Pickup, Train Arrival, and Train Composition, services that will enable the Novara terminal's logistics partners to streamline their services in terms of time, savings, and less environmental pollution. 

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